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with great results.

We are a web design agency with expertise on the Wordpress platform. We have over 6 years of experience and hundreds of projects we have worked on.

From the simplest presentation websites to the most complex online stores, we have enjoyed getting involved and dedicating ourselves to each project to provide the best results for our clients and collaborators.

It only takes 2 minutes to read everything.

We have partnerships and collaborations with agencies from Switzerland, Spain, Canada, UK and Romania.

Throughout the years of activity, we have collaborated with clients and agencies from Romania, but also from Switzerland, UK, Canada, Spain and USA. Every time we have been fully involved and provided the quality that the client wanted.

Just a little bit more and you‘re done.

In the last 2 years, we have been working exclusively with the WordPress platform, we have developed dozens of brochure websites and eCommerces with the help of Elementor Pro and the Crocoblock suite. We are also part of the Elementor Experts community and profile groups.

Currently, we are collaborating with 2 agencies in Switzerland, for which we develop websites or online stores from scratch, but we also take over ongoing projects to bring them to completion, as well as with an agency from Romania, for which we develop websites from scratch. All this exclusively on WordPress.

So when it comes to expertise and experience, we are the agency you can rely on at any time.

What do you gain with us?

Time & money

When it comes to WordPress, the costs are lower than for a custom website, but the quality remains the same.

ecommerce development
Trust Team

A trustable team to guarantee a successful project and build a relationship based on trust and respect.

agentie de web design
Quality website

A qualitative website, with an attractive design and oriented towards your needs, but also taking into account your brand‘s image.

suport tehnic
Technical support and consultancy

Technical support and consultancy throughout the development of the project.

Our mission is to become the best website development agency in Romania and to be a reference point of “that’s the way to do it!” in this industry.

We believe that through hard work, dedication and the right attitude, we can become the most important web design agency in Romania. We are excited to see where our vision takes us and eagerly await what the future holds.

Additionally, we prioritize customer satisfaction and commit to providing the best service experience for our customers. We strive to be proactive and build longterm relationships with our partners.

When it comes to values, we always emphasize quality, effective communication and implementation of our collaborator’s vision.

Thank you for giving us 2 minutes of your time and reading about us, about what we want to offer you, about our mission and values.

What clients say


The Pixel Romanesc Team jumped to our aid whenever we needed it, at any hour, solved any problem in a very short time.

Market Medical

I managed to create five Prestashop Multistore websites with the help of the guys at Pixel Romanesc. Serious and skilled, I highly recommend them. I had tried before with 4 other companies which did not take my project to the finish line! Thank you. Lucian Grecu

Fugaru Cornel

The guys from pixelromanesc.ro are super cool. We have developed 4 successful projects with them. I highly recommend them.

Qanadilo Hani

I chose the PixelRomanian to move a platform! I’m convinced how good she is and I’ve made a whole new site! 20/24 cams are available, so it’s an advantage! Any idea I had, the guys were able to develop / solve. I recommend with confidence. Greetings!

Ukulele Lovers

I was really happy with the service provided by this agency. I asked them to do a landing page for my website and their work was outstanding. They went above and beyond to give me a landing page that would satisfy me 100%. Their prices are great for the service they provide. In my case, they also did some extra work such as figuring out mailchimp/fixing some errors on my website at no extra cost. I will work with them again in the future. 5★★★★★ Quality!

Maximilien Moriceau

Great service, I highly recommend! Mihai has helped us implement our company’s website in only 3 weeks. He is very responsive, flexible and partnered with us to deliver the desired outcome.

Our services

The brochure website is built on the WordPress platform with a custom design. The project is done with the help of the Elementor Pro builder. The design is unique, responsive and the website will be fully optimized.

eCommerce store built on the WordPress platform using Woocommerce. The store is delivered in a ready-to-sell form.

Dynamic website

A dynamic website is a type of website dedicated to those looking for websites with special functionalities: reservations, listing site, news site, car rentals, etc.